Our Churches

Types of churches

Types of churches

In the Auckland Diocese, we refer to our churches as ministry units. Each has a defined geographical boundary, governing body and one or more church buildings. There are three types of ministry unit:

  • parish – led by a vicar and governed by a vestry
  • mission district – may not be able to fulfil all the requirements of a parish. Led by a priest in charge and governed by a committee.
  • local shared ministry unit (LSMU) – leadership and decision-making are shared between all members of a team, lay and ordained. An LSMU may include several worshipping communities in a geographic area and is governed by a council, with input from diocesan enablers. Read more about Local Shared Ministry here.

Two other types of churches can be found in the diocese:

  • mission venture – these are worshipping communities or groups within the diocese which are not ministry units but have a formal association with the diocese. An ordained minister may be licensed to a mission venture.
  • cooperating church – a ministry unit made up of two or more congregations of different denominations (Anglican, Methodist and Presbyterian).